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shop-nowWe are pleased to provide our valued clients a safe and convenient way to shop on-line and get delivery to your front door. This On-Line Store Is Different from other on-line stores and pharmacies in at least two ways:

  • As your pets’ veterinarian(s), we have a direct interest in the health and well being of you and your pets. Buying medications from our site gives us the ability to monitor your purchases and maintain the continuity of your pet’s record(s). We believe this will result in better health and a happier pet(s) over time. We cannot monitor other sites!
  • On this site, we have partnered with a distributor to provide you with a safe place to get thousands of items for your pet friend(s) in the convenience of your own home or wherever you access the internet, any time you want to shop. Products/medications that come from this site are manufacturer approved and go through regular channels of distribution so you can rest assured that they are the product you ordered and they have been transported and stored according to the manufacturers and FDA specifications. These products/medications carry the full manufacturer warranties (where applicable).

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You can request prescription refills and even have medications or foods shipped to you automatically so that you get them right when you need them! All items are shipped right to your door for your convenience.

Just click on the “Shop Now” button. If it is your first time shopping with us click on the “Get Started” button (on the right side, about half way down on the right side of the page) and follow the prompts. Once you’re set up, just click the link below and shop wherever and whenever you wish. Happy Shopping!

What our Clients are Saying

Since Dr. Lynch's return to practice, my Senior dog's problem of many years has improved tremendously with VOM, Acupuncture/Acupressure and Chinese herbs. Dr. Lynch's ability to assess the symptoms and zero in on an effective treatment was remarkable. I am thrilled to have these alternative veterinary services available in Traverse City.

~ Cindy H.

I would highly recommend Dr. Lynch for treatment. The acupuncture treatments that he has done for my cat, Maxx, have done a world of good. It has made a huge difference and the effects from the treatments have been immediate for Maxx. It is so nice to have this treatment option available.

~ Lori F.

I love everyone at Companion Animal Hospital!!!! Best place to take your pets, hands down! Miss seeing you all...I could have never asked for a better group of people to help with my babies

~ Emily H.

We have been taking our two cats and one dog to Dr. Izo for many years. She is an excellent, caring and down to earth person, who is a remarkable at what she does and the care she provides. The entire staff at CAHTC is great to deal with and they truly have your pet's best interest at heart.

~ Mark H.

Thanks to the entire staff of Companion Animal Hospital for tirelessly working with me to assist my dog with her fear of nail cutting! She is now able to have this procedure without any fears or resistance! Additionally the wellness care and the sincere interest in her from the staff is so nice. Always pleasant and professional the Doctors and staff are above average. I recommend this Animal Hospital to all my friends and co-workers and many now use them with the same satisfaction.

~ Denise B.

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