Client Testimonials

Since Dr. Lynch’s return to practice, my Senior dog’s problem of many years has improved tremendously with VOM, Acupuncture/Acupressure and Chinese herbs. Dr. Lynch’s ability to assess the symptoms and zero in on an effective treatment was remarkable. I am thrilled to have these alternative veterinary services available in Traverse City.
~ Cindy H.

After receiving the devastating diagnosis of lymphoma in our 5 year old boxer Tyson; we are forever grateful to have found Dr. Lynch who far exceeded any and all expectations we had in making the best of this unfortunate situation. With chemotherapy not a viable option and a diagnosis of just a few weeks, we cannot begin to thank Dr. Lynch enough for the extended three “quality” months of life we were able to spend with our dog. The knowledge, care and compassion Dr. Lynch offers our four legged friends is second to none. We witnessed firsthand the power of alternative medicine through a home cooked non-processed diet, Chinese herbs, supplements and acupuncture integrated with traditional medicine in our dogs fight against cancer.
~ Brandon & Laura M.

I would highly recommend Dr. Lynch for treatment. The acupuncture treatments that he has done for my cat, Maxx, have done a world of good. It has made a huge difference and the effects from the treatments have been immediate for Maxx. It is so nice to have this treatment option available.
~ Lori F.

Dr. Lynch first came out on 4/22/2013. After palpating Ember to find sources of pain and inflammation, he discovered that she was very sore over much of her body. Her neck, throat latch, pole and hip were very uncomfortable as well as her girth area indicating issues with her ulcer. Dr. Lynch began chiropractic and acupuncture with this mare and it was incredible to see the relief that this mare experienced immediately! Ember, who never liked to be brushed and did not initially submit to treatment, became quiet and relaxed near the end of her treatment that day. Dr. Lynch also suggested some changes to Ember’s supplements such as herbs and fish oil that seem to be working amazingly well for her. Dr. Lynch has continued regular treatment and the mare is much improved. Her body condition is better, she is maintaining weight better, she seems to enjoy being brushed and she is beginning to move nicer. She occasionally rounds and comes up under her saddle, working her back end a bit better. We recently took Ember to a cross country clinic and she seemed to enjoy the experience! Thank you Dr. Lynch!

We’ve had several veterinarians over the years, living in different towns and via several of our pets. But I feel so fortunate to have found you.

We first met you when we brought our new puppy, Murray, for his initial visit and vaccinations. And then we needed to bring in our aging dog, Bear, for a few visits. With failing health, he was treated with love but you never sugarcoated our options. You were always compassionate and helpful, even as we drew closer to the painful decision to euthanize him. You said we would know when the time was right, and when it was, you were there for all of us.

It was the hardest day of my life to bring Bear that final time. Kris, you carefully and lovingly carried Bear inside, held him, and gently petted him. Thank you for your sincerity and being there for both of us; you cried with me as if Bear was one of your own. And thank you, Dr. Kavran, for your gentle and caring bedside manner. You were respectful and compassionate, and you helped make Bear’s last minutes of his 16 plus years on this earth very peaceful and surrounded by love.

Lastly, thank you all for the card; it was simply lovely. It was such a sweet gesture to include a paw print of Bear and we will treasure it always.

May God always bless each of you,

~ Jennifer R.

“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.” — In Memory of Bear, 1996 – 2012

“…And Lexi and her family add our thanks to Companion Animal Hospital for their quick diagnosis, great communication with us during the decision making process and during Lexi’s time at MSU. She was in great hands from start to finish and we couldn’t be more pleased with the result. She quickly bounced back and, with the exception of some missing jawbone and a few teeth (which aren’t even noticeable), is as good as new! (Click here to read Lexi’s Full Story)”
~ Debra S.

“I love everyone at Companion Animal Hospital!!!! Best place to take your pets, hands down! Miss seeing you all…I could have never asked for a better group of people to help with my babies”
~ Emily H

“Thank you to Dr. K and Kris and Michelle who shared the kind words and encouragement to us this past week. It was all taken to heart and helped us throughout our pain. Laci Lucy Lou Lederer ‘Laci’ spent the day doing one of the things she loved, watching the birds around the bird feeder in front of a low window she could see out of. The last couple of days we hoped she piled on a pound or so (she had lost 18 since July) eating carrots, celery, liver, peanut butter on crackers, scrambled eggs with pumpkin bread toast and boiled chicken breasts (no not ours). Foods she really loved and devoured without any problems. We took Laci in today at 3, with trepidation of the last time we had to do this, and was calmed by Kris and Dr. Jennifer Kavran at Companion Animal Hospital. Laci was 8 wks old when she became a patient of Dr K, just 1 week after she started practice there, so they go way back and she loved the time spent going in for her visits. Laci so much enjoyed going there that all I had to say was “Lets see Kendra and Kris” and down the stairs she bounded and was at the truck before me. Kris carried her in today, her tail was wagging. When Kris set her down on a sheepskin rug, Laci gave her kisses and did her famous ‘squint’ while being petted by Kris. After 15 minutes Laci settled down and they began. Chicken pieces we brought for her and then gentle words, kisses, strokes of affection from everyone and soon she was asleep. Peaceful and calm that we did not experience before and so needed this time around. Rest in Peace baby, Mommy and Daddy will miss you but know in our hearts that we will meet again.”
~ Joanne L.

“We have been taking our two cats and one dog to Dr. Izo for many years. She is an excellent, caring and down to earth person, who is a remarkable at what she does and the care she provides. The entire staff at CAHTC is great to deal with and they truly have your pet’s best interest at heart.”
~ Mark H

“Thanks to the entire staff of Companion Animal Hospital for tirelessly working with me to assist my dog with her fear of nail cutting! She is now able to have this procedure without any fears or resistance! Additionally the wellness care and the sincere interest in her from the staff is so nice. Always pleasant and professional the Doctors and staff are above average. I recommend this Animal Hospital to all my friends and co-workers and many now use them with the same satisfaction.”
~ Denise B.

“I enjoy this business because it doesn’t feel like just a business. The whole staff makes you feel at home. Dr. Kavran is wonderful.”
~ Stephanie J.

“I’ve been very pleased with my experiences at Companion Animal Hospital. Dr. Izo is a very kind, compassionate woman who really cares about the welfare of your pets. They gave my cat better care then I’ve received at some doctor’s offices. They thoroughly explain the procedures and after care and are there to answer any questions you might have. I highly recommend this facility.”
~ Aaron G.

“When you take your pet to Companion Animal Hospital, rest assured it will be in good hands. The courteous, helpful staff provides tender loving care. I arrived with my dog as a new patient, and felt we left as new friends. The service is excellent. The meticulously well-kept facility appears to be new. There is ample parking, a good-size waiting area, and individual treatment rooms.”
~ Sharon W.

“I found a gem when I found Dr. Izo and Companion Animal Hospital! I will never take a pet anywhere else ever again. Their staff is so unbelievably friendly, helpful and supportive. Thank you for taking such great care of my Hank in his final days and for helping me to cope. You guys are the best!”
~ Erin M.

“A word about the clinic. What strikes one immediately upon entering is the impeccable cleanliness. The facility not only smells clean but is clean down to every nook and cranny.

As for the Staff and Dr. Izo’s Associate Veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Kavran they are there because they represent and reflect Professionalism, Kindness, have a Cheerful upbeat attitude and display a genuine loving heart.”
~Dan M

“My first visit to Companion was yesterday…I was SO impressed. I have complete confidence in Dr. Izo AND in the entire staff. I was very impressed with not only how professional everyone was…but also how wonderful you communicate with your clients/patients. You are the ONLY Veterinarian that actually calls to let us know the results of tests. KUDOS! Your knowledge and expertise and attention to detail are the absolute BEST! Thank you SO much! I”ll be joining your Facebook Group soon! Companion’s Facility is not only comfy for our precious “kids”…It is also nice for their owners. Congrats to Dr. Izo and Staff for the absolute BEST in Northern Michigan!”
~ Sandy W.

“It is not difficult to praise Companion Animal Hospital and Dr. Marcia Izo or Dr. Jennifer Kavran.

My beloved westie of 17 yrs. “Duffy” had been cared for by Dr. Izo from his early puppyhood (3mos) to the very end of his sweet life of 17 yrs.

Duffy could not have been in the care of a more accomplished Veterinarian with a more caring nature, always treating Duffy as though he was her own loving companion. And often when through her sensitivity she perceived that his owner was in need of a gentle and caring heart, Dr. Izo would quiet my own concerns for Duffy with patience and a sympathetic ear. I am certain that I echo the same sentiments of every client of this “Good Doctor”.

In praise of Dr. Izo I would like to recount an incident I was privileged to observe first hand.

On one particular day I was being given a tour of the then relatively new operating room when an assistant entered cradling in her arms a small ferret, which requited immediate attention. I could clearly see that unfortunately the owner had waited much too long to seek care. Dr. Izo of course was fully aware of the dire condition of the ferret immediately.

Dr. Izo proceeded to treat the ferret and with tender, caring and gentle hands tried virtually everything to save it. Sadly, in spite of her best efforts, heroic as they were, the ferret died.

But it was what followed that made the deepest impression on me, an impression that has stayed with me to this day. The “Good Doctor” began to cry, tears streaming, her heart wounded as though she had just experienced the loss of her own innocent pet.

The beauty of Dr. Izo is that she remains to this day after many years as a Vet, the same compassionate person.

I believe there is no more technically trained and capable Veterinarian than she, nor one with a bigger heart.

I always advise all my pet owning friends to seek her out. There is none better.”
~ Dan M.

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What our Clients are Saying

The staff is fantastic. They were very attentive with my newly adopted fur baby, answered all of my questions and let me know the cost of treatments and meds upfront so there were no surprises at checkout. Top notch and highly recommended!

~ Heather I.

I wouldn’t take Cody anywhere else. Dr. DeSimone and your staff are extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and caring of not only my four legged babies but their Mom as well. Thank you for everything.

~ Carol R.

Oh my goodness not sure you could have done anything differently. You all were kind, accommodating, thorough, and excellent listeners. You ALL are FABULOUS!

~ Elizabeth B.

Sumo has severe cardiovascular issues that were discovered by a very thorough DeSimone and through this, led to treatment that saved his life. Beyond excellent care. Cannot recommend highly enough.

~ Ramona C.

The doctors and tech team are so kind and compassionate. They have great bedside manner and have really mastered the idea of relaxing the environment but still being direct and clear. We brought our French lop in for a sick visit after having some respiratory issues. The staff handled both her and us with such compassion and care. They even called a few days later to ensure we weren’t having issues administering her medications and to check in. They will exclusively be our vet going forward!

~ Nicole R.

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