Companion Care Plans

Companion Animal Hospital is a leader in high-quality pet care, proactive medicine, and affordable Companion Care Plans.

Companion Care Plans

Companion Animal Hospital is a leader in the region, practicing current, high-quality medicine with uncompromising standards. The result of our high standards is the great care for your pet(s) that you want with great communication (no surprises!) and the ability to be as proactive with your pet(s) healthcare as possible, leading to longer, healthier lives for years and years of mutual enjoyment. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

It is important to practice high-quality current medicine because veterinary medicine has learned (and changed) so much over the years! In fact, the culmination of all we have learned and the way we treat our pets has resulted in our pet friends living twice as long as they did just 25 years ago. Wow, isn’t that amazing! The veterinarians and staff of the Companion Animal Hospital are proud to deliver this care to you day in and day out.

To help make our recommended preventive care as affordable as possible and budget-friendly, Companion Animal Hospital offers Companion Care Plans. These plans are a new and exciting way to buy our recommended preventive care services in a package you choose for your cat or dog based on your pet’s age.

Only our plans give you and your pets the special care and attention to every detail that has made our hospital the leader in the region. We are known for our warm and loving care performed by truly special people. Our veterinarians are highly trained top professionals who go above and beyond. All of our staff have a special interest in keeping our clients well informed in every circumstance. We strongly believe that a well-informed owner/client makes the best decisions for their pet(s), and we have an active role with our clients in this education process. We take this role very seriously.

For these reasons and more, we believe our companion care plans are the best plans and the best value in the region!

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Companion Care Plans

Our Companion Care Plans are designed to group together our recommended preventive care for your pet(s) into packages you can choose to pay for all at once or spread out into regular monthly payments. This makes taking great care of your pet(s) much more manageable and “budget-friendly.” Our plans reflect the same high standards of compassionate care you have come to know and love here at Companion Animal Hospital.

These plans also provide unlimited medical exams and recheck exams at no charge, so if/when an unexpected medical situation comes up, you don’t have to worry about the basic exam fees.

If that isn’t enough, enrollees in these plans will enjoy a discount on these services as well. The amount of the discount depends on the method of payment you choose. Come talk to one of our staff members to learn just how affordable your pet’s plan can be.

Companion Care Plans are designed for the majority of our pet friends and may not include all services necessary for your pet’s specific, unique situation. Companion Care Plans do not cover diagnostics and treatment for medical situations or emergencies. We are pleased to provide you with a treatment plan (estimate) for any additional service recommendations.

Companion Care Plans Summary:

  • Reflects the same high standards of compassionate care you have come to expect from our veterinarians and staff at Companion Animal Hospital.
  • Groups recommended preventive health care into one affordable package.
  • Allows you to choose the package that makes the most sense for your pet, with various plans available for cats or dogs based on age and needs.
  • Provides unlimited medical exams and recheck exams at no charge!
  • Provides immediate savings throughout the whole 12-month plan based on the payment plan you choose.
  • Easy budgeting for preventive health care by allowing you to either:
    1. Make a one-time payment in full – OR
    2. Make one down payment, then low automatic monthly payments on your credit card.

We will be pleased to go over the details for you in person so that you are clear on all the great services included in your chosen plan.

Please give us a call, see us, or come a few minutes early to your next appointment and learn more about these great money-saving opportunities.

For more information on our Companion Care Plan packages,
please contact us today. We look forward to assisting you!