Guide to Pain Management

The veterinarians at Companion Animal Hospital place the utmost importance on the comfort of your pet. We are proud to have been pioneers in Northern Michigan of the current generation of pain management over the last 10 years (our profession has come a VERY long way in that time!!!). Our doctors were the first in our region to be part of the I.V.A.P.M. the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management, the leading pain management organization in our country and perhaps the world. We pride ourselves in being proactive in managing your pet’s pain, whether it is related to a single event (such as a surgery), or is a chronic condition (like an aging pet with arthritis).

We provide individualized protocols for your pet’s individual needs!
Our surgical patients receive individualized pain management protocols that may include pain-relieving preoperative medications, a variety of injectable pain medications during the procedure itself, local anesthesia at the surgical site (e.g. for declawing and extraction of teeth), and injectable or oral post-operative pain medications. Protocols can vary dramatically depending on a patient’s age and overall health, organ function, and the nature of the procedure being done.

Although an animal does not necessarily have to be elderly to experience chronic pain, we are very sensitive to detecting subtle clues that may be evidence of joint problems, particularly in our aging pets. A pet in pain often does not let us know in a way we might expect. In fact, our pets are very good at concealing any sign of pain or weakness (instinctually). Whimpering, whining, and crying out are actually rather uncommon. Instead we often find an animal is simply less active, avoids situations like going up and down stairs or jumping into the car, is slower to rise, seems a little stiff, is less playful, sleeps more, may pant more, and may be more irritable or restless. We also may be able to isolate painful areas on physical exam, and may recommend radiographs (x-rays) or other diagnostics to better determine the cause and best treatment. Often a multi-facetted approach to pain management gives the most positive results. Pain management commonly involves oral medications given either regularly or on an as-needed basis, but certain natural or supplemental products, or combinations of the above may be used. Weight management, special foods, changes in exercise or routine, and changes to your pet’s environment may also be helpful.

We now have Cold Therapy Laser to treat inflammatory conditions, including arthritis and back pain, to help relieve pain, reduce inflammation and stimulate healing. This has proven to provide amazing results and can be a GREAT drug free (or drug reducing) alternative.

People tend to be familiar with joint problems in dogs (like hip dysplasia in large breeds), but did you know other animals, such as cats and rabbits, also can develop arthritis? A decrease in activity, trouble getting in and out of the litter box leading to house soiling, and no longer jumping onto furniture or counters as your pet commonly used to do may indicate underlying joint pain. We have multiple ways to manage these conditions in our non-canine companions as well!

What our Clients are Saying

Since Dr. Lynch's return to practice, my Senior dog's problem of many years has improved tremendously with VOM, Acupuncture/Acupressure and Chinese herbs. Dr. Lynch's ability to assess the symptoms and zero in on an effective treatment was remarkable. I am thrilled to have these alternative veterinary services available in Traverse City.

~ Cindy H.

I would highly recommend Dr. Lynch for treatment. The acupuncture treatments that he has done for my cat, Maxx, have done a world of good. It has made a huge difference and the effects from the treatments have been immediate for Maxx. It is so nice to have this treatment option available.

~ Lori F.

I love everyone at Companion Animal Hospital!!!! Best place to take your pets, hands down! Miss seeing you all...I could have never asked for a better group of people to help with my babies

~ Emily H.

We have been taking our two cats and one dog to Dr. Izo for many years. She is an excellent, caring and down to earth person, who is a remarkable at what she does and the care she provides. The entire staff at CAHTC is great to deal with and they truly have your pet's best interest at heart.

~ Mark H.

Thanks to the entire staff of Companion Animal Hospital for tirelessly working with me to assist my dog with her fear of nail cutting! She is now able to have this procedure without any fears or resistance! Additionally the wellness care and the sincere interest in her from the staff is so nice. Always pleasant and professional the Doctors and staff are above average. I recommend this Animal Hospital to all my friends and co-workers and many now use them with the same satisfaction.

~ Denise B.

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