Online Store FAQ

  • As your pets’ veterinarian(s), we have a direct interest in the health and well being of you and your pets. Buying medications from our site gives us the ability to monitor your purchases and maintain the continuity of your pet’s record(s). We believe this will result in better health and a happier pet(s) over time. We cannot monitor other sites!
  • On this site, we have partnered with a distributor to provide you with a safe place to get thousands of items for your pet friend(s) in the convenience of your own home or wherever you access the internet, any time you want to shop. Products/medications that come from this site are manufacturer approved and go through regular channels of distribution so you can rest assured that they are the product you ordered and they have been transported and stored according to the manufacturers and FDA specifications. These products/medications carry the full manufacturer warranties (where applicable).
  • There have been many reports of “diverted” or “bootlegged” products and even “counterfeit” products in seemingly original packaging being delivered from some on-line stores. The EPA has issued a “stop sale, use and removal order” for non prescription pesticides, dated 03-04-2004 and renewed in 2007 that were “Counterfeit Pesticide Products” under the brand names of “Advantage” and “Frontline”. The FDA has issued a similar “Buyer Beware” for some prescription drugs dated December 14, 2007. In both cases most (if not all) had been associated with on-line purchases.
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The bottom line: We don’t know much about other on-line stores and pharmacies. We don’t know where they get their products, how they are stored, if or how they guarantee their products or if they provide veterinary specific instruction for the care of your pet. With our on-line store we do know all of these things and you can be confident that we are acting in your and your pet’s best interest.

Today, only C.A.H. clients can access our store. However, very soon there will be a way for non clients to shop too!

What our Clients are Saying

The staff is fantastic. They were very attentive with my newly adopted fur baby, answered all of my questions and let me know the cost of treatments and meds upfront so there were no surprises at checkout. Top notch and highly recommended!

~ Heather I.

I wouldn’t take Cody anywhere else. Dr. DeSimone and your staff are extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and caring of not only my four legged babies but their Mom as well. Thank you for everything.

~ Carol R.

Oh my goodness not sure you could have done anything differently. You all were kind, accommodating, thorough, and excellent listeners. You ALL are FABULOUS!

~ Elizabeth B.

Sumo has severe cardiovascular issues that were discovered by a very thorough DeSimone and through this, led to treatment that saved his life. Beyond excellent care. Cannot recommend highly enough.

~ Ramona C.

The doctors and tech team are so kind and compassionate. They have great bedside manner and have really mastered the idea of relaxing the environment but still being direct and clear. We brought our French lop in for a sick visit after having some respiratory issues. The staff handled both her and us with such compassion and care. They even called a few days later to ensure we weren’t having issues administering her medications and to check in. They will exclusively be our vet going forward!

~ Nicole R.

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